Thursday, November 24, 2016

Teacher riding "Paragos"

A photo of a teacher in Negros Occident riding in “Paragos” a sled pulled by a carabao gone viral after it was posted in the social media. The teacher doesn’t care about the distance and hindrances she has to experience before she reaches the school.

The teacher has to ride over a Paragos to cross the river because that’s the only way she could reach the school in a secluded area. As seen in the photo, the teacher wears her uniform, clutching her shoes as she’s bending down at the top of carabao sled. Only riding in Paragos is the only way, she can get to the remote school.

The photo has already 2k likes, 3,200 shares and received different positive comments and feedback from netizens. Social media users got inspired when they saw the photo of the teacher fulfilling his role in giving education to the students.

This teacher in Negros Occidental was lauded online for the lengths she'd go to just to get to school.

The Donsalvador Benedicto Negros Occidental Facebook page posted a photo of the teacher crossing a river via "paragos," a sled pulled by a carabao.

In the photo, the teacher could be seen in her uniform, clutching her shoes as she crouched atop the sled.

Some of the netizens commented that the government must increase the teacher’s salary for all their sacrifices just to teach. Most of them express their admiration for the teacher.

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credit to the owner of this photo.
Ma'am Analyn Climaco Perez

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bonuses for public school teachers

Starting this month until the end of the year, public school teachers nationwide can expect the release of their bonuses, including the much-awaited performance-based bonus.

Education Undersecretary Jesus Mateo enumerated the following bonuses for more than 700,000 public school teachers in the country:

Year-end bonus - equivalent to one month of salary
  • Cash gift - P5,000
  • Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) - P5,000
  • Performance-based bonus (PBB) - ranging from P5,000 to P35,000
  • The PEI is an across-the-board bonus equivalent to P5,000 or one month basic salary given to qualified government personnel of agencies that meet the conditions as stated in Executive Order (EO) 181 series of 2015.
The PBB, meanwhile, is a top-up bonus ranging from P5,000 to P35,000, depending on the teacher's performance. It is granted to government personnel in line with their contribution to the department's accomplishment of its overall targets and commitments.

By the end of the year, a teacher with a basic salary of P19,077, then, can get P34,077 up to P64,077 worth in bonuses.

The year-end bonus and the cash gift will be given this month, while the PEI and the PBB will be given before the year ends.

In July, after announcing the start of "incremental" salary increases for the military, President Rodrigo Duterte said public school teachers would be up next.

After her speech at the Education Summit 2016 on November 3, Education Secretary Leonor Briones urged education stakeholders to pay more taxes in order to support the budget for the teachers' bonuses.

"This will surprise the private sector: everybody in all of the teachers would get performance bonuses," she said, answering a question from the crowd regarding the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers.

"We are serious about fulfilling the mandate of the Magna Carta," Briones added.

In a press statement on November 5, Teachers' Dignity Coalition Chairperson Benjo Basas said this year's bonus is an "unprecedented amount" that could be attributed to the increase in teachers' basic salaries.

But Alliance of Concerned Teachers-Philippines national chairperson Benjie Valbuena said his group does not consider the amount of these remaining benefits as unprecedented.

"We have been receiving the said benefits ever since, save for the mid-year bonus which is equivalent to one month salary by virtue of EO 201 series of 2016," he told Rappler in a text message.

Asked to comment about the bonuses, Valbuena said these benefits "should have been made [a] wage hike instead."

Doing so, he told that it would result to the increase having an effect "on bonuses, other benefits, and retirement benefits."