Monday, September 24, 2012

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago wants the Senate president to shut up!

This comes after Enrile made a new allegation that Trillanes' contacts included a Chinese military intelligence officer from Chinese embassy.

Enrile cited a new "reliable source" apart from Philippine Ambassador to Beijing Sonia Brady, whose notes about the dispute between Philippines and China over Scarborough Shoal had been revealed in a Senate plenary session last week.

"The question is why did the senate president obtain a copy of that report, which was not meant for him and how did he manage to do that?" Santiago said.

"That must never be revealed. You will never tell our antagonist or the other country who is having difference with us on any foreign policy. These are basic principles of international negotiation," she added.

The female senator expressed fear that the Chinese government might take advantage of Trillanes' tiff with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

"It always the best procedure when there is a perceived confusion such as this is for everybody to zip up your mouth. Nobody should talk," the feisty Senator says of Enrile, who still freely talks about the alleged "real story" behind Senator Antonio Trillanes' back-channel negotiations with China.