Saturday, March 17, 2012

Student Teacher Relationship

Student teacher relationship is certainly objectionable if it is there between a major and a minor.
But what about it, taking place between a major and another?

What does it mean being a major?

Doesn't it mean that you are matured enough to take the decisions of your life with a responsible independence on your own of your own?

In that case if an adult student decides to have sexual relations with her/his teacher, what is so wrong with it?
Will it disturb the equation of learning and teaching between the two?

I don't think it will, since such an equation depends not on their relationships but on the curiosity level of the personalities that both of them have.

Real strange people are we! We are not bothered about all the psychologically distorted sex between lesbians and gays, and are even making legislation's for them to get officially married for that matter; but when it comes to straight sex between two consenting majors, our morality gets hurt!

Relationship between students and teachers.

With the globalization and innovations in technology we keep learning about various relationships that have been developed between people. As a child goes to school now days, the first thing he learns is socialization. What ever he has learned from home is now polished at school.

Since human beings are social animals they build relationships with other human beings. A school going child first of all tries to build a relation with his/her teacher. A teacher’s character plays an important part on how good a relation a teacher can build with his/her students. If teachers understand every student and make an effort to bring in a positive change in each of the student then there is a strong relationship build between them.

A well developed student teacher relationship is the most beautiful and beneficial relation. Since a teacher can transfer his experiences of life and knowledge to his students by his/her relationship with them he can benefit the society.

They say if the pillars of a building are strong the building will be strong as well. Students’ i.e. young children are the pillars of a society and they can be made strong by building a healthy relationship with them. Gone are the days when parents and teachers could maintain a relationship of sanctity with the children, now they need to have a more friendly relationship with them.

With all the exposure children get because of the electronic media and the electronics around them they need to have a friendly relationship with their parents and specially the teacher otherwise they opt for learning through other means which will teach them wrong things probably. Because a good student teacher relation is one of the most beautiful relation two human beings can have. This relationship is intellectual and helpful for building a young ones mind and personality.

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