Monday, March 12, 2012

Sex Education in The Philippines

The Department of Education is once again faced with another controversy.  This is because they have integrated sex education to elementary students as young as 9 years old.   Many parents, including the Catholic Church, have criticized this initiative by the Department of Education. 

The question now is, as a regular citizen, what can you really say about sex education integrated in elementary classes’ curriculum?  Are these beneficial or are we just feeding the curious mind of our kids?  I know this is a very sensitive issue; thus, if handled with great caution I think many will benefit.  However, we also have to consider that learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of our children’s classroom, nor at home- although these venues are major contributors in our children’s growth process.  

One major downside of this initiative by DepEd is that children might someday indulge themselves in sexual activities and might even master it, successfully avoiding pregnancy.  Surely contraceptive methods will be introduced in their agenda, but looking into the emotional impact of failed relationships to our children.  These kids will surely have relationships at a young age.  However, due to their immature decisions, most of the time it can just lead to failed relationships.  Girls/women will always be at a losing end.  

Therefore, my recommendation in this matter is to introduce sex education only to young girls; that, we should not only introduce the scientific part of sex education but also how to manage relationships without being taken advantage by men. 

What about you, what can you say about this realigned approach to sex education?


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